HIP - Human input protection

HIP - Human Input Protection v0.1 - by Albert [albert.martin(arrova)gmail.com] 05/01/2005

Released under the GPL license


A friend of mine asked me to add a spam protection for his personal blog ( i installed it a few months ago). After some googling I was not able to find any free script, so I've writed this from scratch.

From the paranoid people: DON'T USE THIS! the code/decode function is very simple and insecure. It's a little controversial add functionalities to disable the use of an automatic OCR over the image while using a simple 2 php native functions to encode/decode. This have been coded in an hour keeping it simple. It's up to you modify/complicate this as much as you want.


INSTALL: copy the files to the webserver path and use it! (see example.php)

mòdul drupal

Estic pensant de adaptar el teu codi per un mòdul pel drupal i així potser contribuir en el project o simplement utilitzar-lo pel nostre site :) que cada vegada sembla una mica més un mini-fork del drupal.

Ho passaré per la llista de desenvolupament de la web i per la general, i si algu hi està interessat hi podrà treballar :)